The 3D boardgame

Overcome your opponent in the Ninja Arena – in teams or in direct, single combat, no matter if as pairs, threesomes or even foursomes!  Improve and test your skills in numerous scenarios, or use the modular arena to realise your own ideas. Recognise the tactics of your rival to anticipate their game-moves an become the next champion strategist of these far-eastern contests.Schatten


In the time of the ninjas only the most powerful of them were successful in demonstrating their fighting skills and abilities in the great arena. Fame and honor for these fearless fighters are more important than all the wealth of this world. But there can only be one ninja, who leaves the arena as legendary champion! Arm yourself for the fight, grab your weapons and rise the greatest challenge in duel with other audacious and brave warriors.




We’ll plant your own tree

Ninja Arena is a board game, that is made from 100% natural and ecologically sustainable materials. We have paid particular attention in avoiding the use of plastics and rubber, in order to protect the environment.

Also you can support nature by planting your personal tree on our property.




Accessibility of Ninja Arena

Recently, we have begun work on allowing visually impaired players to participate in Ninja Arena. We would be pleased to have your support in this project. Simply click on our link here to learn more about the version for visually impaired players.